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Arabic: sūr

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Lighthouse at Sur, Oman

Lighthouse at Sur.

Town in northeastern Oman with 70,000 inhabitants (2007 estimate), captital of the Ash-Sharqiya region, located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman.
Sur has a thriving industry of building dhows, wooden ships. Sur is well-connected to other urban centres of Oman, 300 km southeast of Musqat. Among the sights of Sur are the Sinesla Fortress and the Bilad Fort.

16th century: Comes under Portuguese control.
17th century: Conquered by the Ya'ruba Imam, Nasser.
19th century: Slave trade is outlawed by the British, Zanzibar split from Oman and the Suez Canal opens; all factors that affect the economy of Sur drastically.
2007 June: The Cyclone Gonu destroys many buildings and structures in Sur.

By Tore Kjeilen