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Arabic: sūraPlay sound

Chapter of the Koran. In total the Koran consists of 114 suras.
The suras' content, and organization, as well as their order in the Koran are firmly set down.
However, scientists are haunted by how little we know of the actual process of structuring the elements. The suras are not collected in chronological entities, based on the moment of revelation. From the Koran itself we learn that the verses, ayas, from time periods far in between are organised side by side in the same sura. In the Koran, suras have indications of the dominating time period of the content; whether it is revealed during the time in Madina or during the time in Mecca.
Suras have very much the same chronological structure:
  1. The name of the sura (with the number in paragraphs)
  2. The date of the sura
  3. Indication of the number of ayas in the sura
  4. The Bismillah
  5. The mystical letters (most suras do not have these)
  6. The text itself

By Tore Kjeilen