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1. Orientations
a. Figures
2. Koran
3. Theology
4. Concept of divine
5. Sharia
6. Muhammad
7. Cult and Festivals
8. Mecca
9. Cultic personalities
10. Caliph
11. Structures
12. Popular religion
13. Others
14. Calendar

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Islam / Theology /
Full name: Jalaluddin as-Suyuti
Arabic: jalāl 'ad-dīn 'as-suyūtī

(1445-1505) Egyptian writer and Muslim theologian.
He was an extremely productive writer, writer 300 titles, ranging from booklets to large books. He is mainly remembered for being one of two authors of an influential tafsir, commentary on the Koran, the Tafsir al-Jalalayn. Also, highly acclaimed was his historical work, the History of the Caliphs and his linguistic encyclopaedia.
He was not much of an original thinker, rather his talent was effective editing and organizing of information.

1445: Born in Cairo, Egypt.
1450's: Receives his education from aSufism Sufi teacher.
1462: Starts acting as a teacher.
1486: Appointed head of Baybars 1's mosque in Cairo.
1501: Trying to reduce the expenses spent on Sufi scholars in the mosque, he causes a revolt. He is eventually put to the court, and sentenced to house arrest.
1505 October 17: Dies near Cairo, while house arrest.

By Tore Kjeilen