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King Talal
Arabic: talāl bni ¢abd allah

King Talal of Jordan.
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King Talal of Jordan.

(1909-1972) King of Jordan 1951-52, for almost 13 months.
Talal was in power a short time, but he did introduce a different leader style from his father's paternalism. He was removed from power due to mental illness, schizophrenia, a condition known even when he was crown prince.

1909 February 26: Born in Mecca as son of Abdullah al-Hashem.
1921: Abdullah becomes emir of Transjordan, Talal is named his heir.
1951 July 27: Following the assassination of his father, Talal becomes king of Jordan.
1952 January 1: Issues a new constitution, which involved dividing legislative powers between the parliament and the king, the creation of a senate and an elected chamber of deputies.
August 11: After having been diagnosed mentally ill, Talal is forced to abdicate in favour of his son, Hussein 1. He moves to Istanbul, Turkey for mental treatment.
1972 July 7: Dies in Istanbul.

By Tore Kjeilen