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Full name: Tarkan Tevetoglu


Music examples
Kiss Kiss (1997)
Sikidim (1999)
Kuzu Kuzu (2001)
Notable studio albums
Yine Sensiz 1992
A-Acayipsin 1994
Ölürüm Sana 1997
Karma 2001
Dudu 2003
Come Closer 2006

(1972-) Turkish pop singer, and one of the most selling Turkish musicians ever.
Tarkan has until 2006 sold about 15 million albums. Although a clear majority of these are sold in the Turkish market, a few of his albums have sold well internationally, especially in countries with large Turkish-speaking populations, like Germany and Russia.
His style is sensual and intense, the music is well-produced, combining typical Turkish sounds with modern beats and rhythms.
His one international success is in the West known as Kiss Kiss, and was originally called Simarik. Its launch into Europe and the Americas involved conflicted disputes over ownership and copyrights, eventually destroying his cooperation with Sezen Aksu, Turkey's famous female singer and producer.
His career topped in the late 1990's, since then his albums has gradually sold less and less. Still, he remains an international star, with a large audience both in Europe and Latin America.

1972 October 17: Born in Alzey, West Germany to a Turkish immigrant family.
1986: Tarkan's family moves back to Turkey.
1992: Debuts with the album, Yine Sensiz, which would eventually sell 750,000 copies.
1994: His follow-up album, A-Acayipsin sells almost 3 million copies, of which 750,000 in Europe.
— Moves to New York, completing his education and learning English.
1997: His most successful album so far, Ölürüm Sana, is published. It contains the original version of his biggest hit ever, Kiss Kiss. He had cooperated with Sezen Aksu and Ozan Çolakoglu, and the album cam to sell 4.5 million copies.
— Tarkan establishes his own record label, HITT Music.
1999: Kiss Kiss is released on the European market, entering the top 10 in several countries, reaching no. 1 in Belgium.
2000: Tarkan returns to Turkey to do his military service, aiding victims after the earthquake and paying a large fine to avoid serving more than 4 weeks.
2006: Releases his first English-only album, Come Closer

By Tore Kjeilen