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Other spelling: Tihamah

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Yemeni coast of Tihama
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Region in the Arabian peninsula, representing the southern part of the Red Sea coast.
Tihama is shared between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
Some definitions say that Tihama is the entire Arabian Red Sea coast, but most definigtions consider this part of the region of Hijaz.
The main towns of Tihama are in Saudi Arabia: Jizan (120,000); Al-Qunfudha (25,000) on the coast, while Bish (31,000); Sabya (65,000); Abu Arish (62,000); and Samitah (33,000) are the main towns in from the coast.
The main port of Tihama in Yemen is Hudayda (490,000); while Mukha is the most famous (namegiver to the coffee variant of Mocca) but now with only 15,000 inhabitants. In from the coast, there are mainly small towns, Zabid with 65,000 inahabitants is the largest.
Tihama is made up of sand dunes and plains and is largely arid except for a few oases. The coast is rugged and dangerous for approaching vessels, and there are few natural harbours. This applies in particular to the 300 km long coastline between Al-Qunfudha and Jizan, where there is not one single major port.
Tihama is among the hottest regions on earth, where temperatures easily climb up towards 45 to 50ºC while humidity can be a stifling 60%. This is a climate that is considered dangerous for outsiders.

By Tore Kjeilen