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Ancient Tunisia

Elles, Tunisia

Dolmen at Elles.

Two main ancient culture of Tunisia are well-attested, the Phoenician and that of the ancient Berbers.
Carthage was, according to legend, founded in the late 9th century, an would gradually become one of the leading, perhaps leading, city-states of the Mediterranean Sea. The late founding of Carthage is confusing, as many other Phoenician trading posts emerged as early as around 1200 BCE. The finest Phoenician remain is however at the somewhat isolated Kerkouane.
In the interior, rich cultures developed although with less technical sophistication compared with the coastal cultures The royal tombs, or dolmens, at Dougga and Elles are rough in design, but fascinating attestations of the ancient cultures of these lands. Both remains have tombs of the late 1st millennium BCE, but are both thought of as stylistic and functional continuations of older structures.
At Dougga, there is also the 3rd century BCE Lybico-Punic Mausoleum

By Tore Kjeilen