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People making up around 76% of the population in Turkey, but Turks is a description used for several important peoples in Central Asia.
There are around 100 million Turks in the whole world. The Turks of Turkey are descendants of immigrants from Central Asia in the first centuries of this millennium. They are now ethnically mixed with the indigenous population of Minor Asia as well as peoples that have immigrated to the Ottoman Empire up through the history; people from the Balkans, Caucasia, the Levant, North Africa and Mesopotamia. For all these people, Turkish language has been the ticket to full association with their new country.
Turks of Turkey speak the language simply known as Turkish, which after all these centuries still resembles the Turkic languages of Central Asia. Comunication is here still possible, even if many words have been taken from Persian and Arabic. Turkish language was originally written with Arabic writing, but a reform of 1928, involved the implementation of Latin writing.

By Tore Kjeilen