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Around 2250 to around 1800 BCEAround 2250 to around 1800 BCEAround 2250 to around 1800 BCE

Ancient Syria /

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Ongoing excavations at Urkesh.
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Ongoing excavations at Urkesh.

Kingdom of Ancient Syria, corresponding with the small settlement of Tell Mozan in northeastern Syria.
Urkesh had been settled since the 4th millennium BCE, but in the 23rd century BCE it was taken by the Hurrians, turning it into a strong regional kingdom, the first known Hurrian kingdom. It early on emerged as an ally of the Akkadian Empire of Mesopotamia.
Later it passed on to Mari, becoming a vassal state.
There are ongoing excavations at the site, having unearthed the remains of a large temple and a royal palace, containing good written material.

By Tore Kjeilen