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Full name: Warda al-Jazairia


Music examples
Harramt Ahebbak (1994)
Law Mehtagli (Date unknown)
Notable studio albums
Law Mehtagli Date unknown
Be Omri Kolo Habeytak Date unknown
Aoukati Be Tehlaou Date unknown
Ahabina Ya Eyn Date unknown
Kalbi Said Date unknown

(1940-) Algerian/Lebanese singer, living and working from Egypt.
Warda has since her move to Egypt in the 1970's, come to record a high number of songs by Egyptian composer, especially those of her husband, Baligh Hamdi. She is among the artists with the highest number of recordings in the Arab world, often releasing several albums per year.
Her style is traditional, sometimes reminiscent of Umm Kulthum, but the arrangements are a blend of modern and traditional. At her finest, Warda is a performer of world class.
She has also starred in few Arabic-language films.

1940 July: Born in Puteaux, France to an Algerian father and Lebanese mother.
1951: Starts performing as a singer, performing patriotic songs for her homeland still being part of France.
1962: Warda marries, and her husband forbids her to perform.
1972: Warda is asked to return to the stage by President Houari Boumedienne in commemoration of Algerian independence. She accepts, but with divorce as result.
1970's: Warda moves to Egypt, and marries the composer, Baligh Hamdi.

By Tore Kjeilen