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Ancient World / Syria /
Other spellings: Yamhad; Jamkhad; Jamhad


Ancient kingdom of northern Syria, founded by Semitic Amorites, lasting from around 1830 to around 1600 BCE.
Yamkhad was parallel to Assyria in the east, Qatna in the south, and Ancient Egypt, which passed through the era of the Middle Kingdom.
Yamkhad managed to establish a trade system largely similar to that what Ebla had controlled a few centuries ago.used to control in trade routes, reaching Egypt, Iran and Sumer.
The capital of Yamkhad corresponds to modern Aleppo. A large part of the Yamkhad were Hurrians, and their culture was a central element of the whole culture.
Alalakh was incorporated into Yamkhad in 1780. The final end of Yamkhad came with attack launched by the Hittites around 1600.

By Tore Kjeilen