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1. Elephantine

2. Temple of Khnum

3. Runis of Yebu

4. Nilometers

5. Temples of Satet

6. Aswan Museum

7. Nubian villages

8. Tombs of the Nobles

9. Felucca trip

10. Kitchener's Island

11. Aga Khan Mausoleuem

12. Monastery of St. Simeon

13. Unfinished obelisk

14. Fatimid cemetery

15. Nubia Museum

16. Aswan High Dam

17. City scenes


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Kitchener's Island

Kirchener's Island, Aswan, Egypt

Kirchener's Island, Aswan, Egypt

Kirchener's Island, Aswan, Egypt

It is officially known as Island of Plants, but the most common name refers to Consul general Kitchener, who was given this island in 1890, and established a botanical garden here through the early 20th century. The garden holds plants that are imported from all corners of the world, and attracts a splendid bird life.
The garden opens 7.00 and closes late in the afternoon, admission fee is EŁ5.
Kirchener's Island, Aswan, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen