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1. Elephantine

2. Temple of Khnum

3. Runis of Yebu

4. Nilometers

5. Temples of Satet

6. Aswan Museum

7. Nubian villages

8. Tombs of the Nobles

9. Felucca trip

10. Kitchener's Island

11. Aga Khan Mausoleuem

12. Monastery of St. Simeon

13. Unfinished obelisk

14. Fatimid cemetery

15. Nubia Museum

16. Aswan High Dam

17. City scenes


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Aga Khan Mausoleuem

Agha Khan Mausoleum, Aswan, Egypt

Agha Khan Mausoleum, Aswan, Egypt

The Aga Khan Mausoleum is built around the grave of Aga Khan 3, who died in 1957.
He was the leader of the Isma'ilis a religion which departed from Islam centuries ago. In the 12th century, one branch of Ismai'ilis formed the Assassin movement, but today, Ismai'ilis are peaceful people, about 1 million living in the Middle East and millions in India and elsewhere.
The story of this mausoleum is quite fascinating. Aga Khan, who was celebrated in 1945 by being weighed in jewels by his adherents, had chosen Aswan as a winter residence. When he died, he was buried here, and every day, his widow, the Begum, placed a rose on his sarcophagus. The mausoleum remained open until she died in 2000. Today, it is locked like a silent grave, and nobody knows if or when it will reopen.

By Tore Kjeilen