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1. Elephantine

2. Temple of Khnum

3. Runis of Yebu

4. Nilometers

5. Temples of Satet

6. Aswan Museum

7. Nubian villages

8. Tombs of the Nobles

9. Felucca trip

10. Kitchener's Island

11. Aga Khan Mausoleuem

12. Monastery of St. Simeon

13. Unfinished obelisk

14. Fatimid cemetery

15. Nubia Museum

16. Aswan High Dam

17. City scenes


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Unfinished obelisk

Unfinished obelisk, Aswan, Egypt

The region of Aswan was the only one of Ancient Egypt where granite was found, granite being a far stronger type of stone than what was otherwise in use for building larger structures.
Up in the mountain side of Aswan was one of the obelisk quarries, and here lies a piece that never was finished. The reason for this is that a flaw in the rock was found half way into the process; this flaw is most visible today.
Had this obelisk been finished, it would have become the single heaviest piece of stone ever fashioned, weighing 1168 tons and 42 metres high. There is no information were it was intended being used, but it is assumed that it was ordered for one of Tuthmosis 3's additions to the temple complex at Karnak.
Unfinished obelisk, Aswan, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen