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9. Front of Amon

10. Great columns

11. Obelisks

12. Huge statues

13. Wall decorations

14. Sacred Lake

15. Scarab statue

16. Southern Pylons

17. Temple of Khonsu

18. Temple of Opet

19. Avenue of Sphinxes

20. Ramses 3

21. Amenophis 2

22. Shrine of Seti 2

23. Temple of Mentu

24. Temple of Ptah

25. Open Air Museum

26. Excavations

27. Barque of Hakor

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The front of Temple of Amon

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, Egypt

Entering the Temple of Amon, remember that this area was closed for all ordinary folks in the days when the cult was still performed here. So whatever has been lost to nature and looters, we should be grateful of being allowed into the most secret chambers of one of Egypt's largest temples.
The processional way leading up to the 1st Pylon once lead to a canal linking the temple with the Nile, allowing the river transportation of gods, priests and pharaoh during the Opet festival.
The processional way is lined with ram-headed sphinxes, protecting a, for once, tiny Ramses 2 between the forelegs. This modesty of Ramses 2 is quite unusual, being the pharaoh which erected enormous statues of himself all along the Nile.
The 1st Pylon is 113 metres wide and 43 metres high, twice the size of the pylon at Luxor Temple. It is however far younger than one would expect, built during the Ethopian 25th Dynasty, ruling Egypt around 700 BCE.

By Tore Kjeilen