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1. Zoser's step pyramid

2. Entrance and Hall

3. Mortuary temple

4. Meet Zoser

5. Heb-Sed Court

6. House of South

7. Pyramid of Unas

8. Causeway; boat pits

9. Valley Temple

10. Tomb of Horemheb

11. Saite & Persian tombs

12. Sekhemkhet pyramid

13. Teti pyramid

14. Entering the tomb

15. Mastabas

16. Mereruka

17. Ti

18. Kagemni

19. Akhti-Hotep and Ptah-Hotep

20. Pyramid of Userkaf

21. 1. & 3.Dynasty Tombs

22. Philsopher's Circle

23. Serapeum

South Saqqara

25. Pepi 2 pyramid

26. Faraoun mastaba

27. Pepi 1 pyramid

28. Djedkare pyramid

29. Merenre pyramid

30. Ibi pyramid


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Pyramid of Pepi 2

Pyramid of Pepi 2, South Saqqara, Egypt

Pyramid of Pepi 2, South Saqqara, Egypt

A sacrificial table, made from alabaster.

Pyramid of Pepi 2, South Saqqara, Egypt

Small queen pyramid to the north of Pepi's. Although collapsed, it still is noted for the fine remains of casing.

Pyramid of Pepi 2, South Saqqara, Egypt

The perfection of the Giza pyramids is since long forgotten. The pyramid of Pepi 2 is made from uneven stone, in average about the size of tile bricks.

Pepi 2 was a pharaoh of the 6th Dynasty and ruled for 94 years, from 2278 until 2184 BCE. For more information check the the Encyclopaedia: Pepi 2.
Pepi 2 is remembered for being the longest reigning pharaoh of them all; he ruled from he was 6 until he died at 100 in 2184 BCE. It might seem legendary, but people lived until that age in the times of ancient Egypt, and often did a pharaoh come to power when he was still just a child.
The pyramid rises 52 metres, making him the only pharaoh with a pyramid smaller in height then he was in years in power. Today mainly only rubble remains. The pyramid can be entered, by a descending passage. The burial chamber has inscriptions of stars and Pyramid Texts.
Although the grave complex of Pepi 2 seems modest now, it was the centre of a large complex, with queen pyramids and graves of nobles and officials.
Pyramid of Pepi 2, South Saqqara, Egypt

The southeastern corner is the best preserved part of the pyramid. The pyramid you see in the distance is Zoser's.

By Tore Kjeilen