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1. The greatest temple

2. Statues of Ramses 2

3. Superb reliefs

4. Royal necropolis

5. Shoshenq 3

6. Osorkon 2

7. Psusennes 1

8. In Egyptian Museum

9. Nilometers

10. Temple of Khonsu

11. Temple of Horus

12. Temple of Mut

13. So many statues!


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The greatest temple

Tanis, Egypt

Of the actual temple little remains, but the outer walls serve well to suggest how the layout and size of it all was. The model for the temple was nothing less than the Temple of Amon at Karnak, next to Thebes. The reason for its poor condition presently, was not really bad quality. Rather it was that stone material up here in the Nile Delta was hard to get by, while further south, it was never more than a few kilometres to the nearest cliffs along the Nile. Tanis, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen