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1. The greatest temple

2. Statues of Ramses 2

3. Superb reliefs

4. Royal necropolis

5. Shoshenq 3

6. Osorkon 2

7. Psusennes 1

8. In Egyptian Museum

9. Nilometers

10. Temple of Khonsu

11. Temple of Horus

12. Temple of Mut

13. So many statues!


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Royal necropolis

Tanis, Egypt

If you have been through the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, you might have noted the several items from Tanis. Much of this belongs to the The Treasure of Tanis, where in 1939 Pierre Montet discovered 6 untouched royal tombs. They were tiny compared to the deep shafts of Valley of the Kings in Luxor, but contained enough trasures to amaze anyone. The disovery is often ranked second only to the tomb of Tutankhamun.
Four of the tombs belonged to Psusennes 1 (1039-991 BC), Amenemope (993-984 BC), Osorkon 2 (874-850 BC) and Shoshenq 3 (825-773 BC). The occupants of the other two tombs are unknown. A hawk-headed silver coffin of Shoshenq 2 was also found in Psusennes' tomb, as well as the coffin and sarcophagus of Amenemope. The sarcophagus of Takelot 2 (850-825 BC) was found in the tomb of Osorkon 2.

By Tore Kjeilen