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1. The greatest temple

2. Statues of Ramses 2

3. Superb reliefs

4. Royal necropolis

5. Shoshenq 3

6. Osorkon 2

7. Psusennes 1

8. In Egyptian Museum

9. Nilometers

10. Temple of Khonsu

11. Temple of Horus

12. Temple of Mut

13. So many statues!


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Psusennes 1

Tomb of Psusennes 1, Tanis, Egypt

Of Psusennes 1, the 3rd king of the 21st Dynasty, we know very little. Psusennes 1 ruled for almost 50 years starting in 1039 BCE. But his kingdom was neither large nor strong, controlling only the Nile Delta. The situation is reflected in the tomb, poor in decoration and crude in its completion.
The apparent depth is due only to the fact that the tomb of Shoshenq 2 is in the following room. His sarcophagus is still in place, but these tombs are closed.

By Tore Kjeilen