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1. The greatest temple

2. Statues of Ramses 2

3. Superb reliefs

4. Royal necropolis

5. Shoshenq 3

6. Osorkon 2

7. Psusennes 1

8. In Egyptian Museum

9. Nilometers

10. Temple of Khonsu

11. Temple of Horus

12. Temple of Mut

13. So many statues!


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Temple of Mut

Remains of Temple of Mut, Tanis, Egypt

Remains of Temple of Mut, Tanis, Egypt

The Temple of Mut, to the south of the Temple of Amon, is just as unexcavated as the Temple of Horus, and also a lot smaller. But at least there is a fine twin statue of Mut and Sekhmet. The combination of the two is interesting, as Sekhmet dominates in Mut's temple in Luxor, but there they are never represented together. This temple of Mut was built sometime between the 6th and 3rd centuries BCE.

By Tore Kjeilen