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1. The greatest temple

2. Statues of Ramses 2

3. Superb reliefs

4. Royal necropolis

5. Shoshenq 3

6. Osorkon 2

7. Psusennes 1

8. In Egyptian Museum

9. Nilometers

10. Temple of Khonsu

11. Temple of Horus

12. Temple of Mut

13. So many statues!


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So many statues!

Surplus statues of Tanis, Egypt

Why are these sarcophagi placed here, leaning toward the guardian office?

Tanis has noticeably many statues, several of them seems to be just lying around. There may be an easy explanation why there are so many of them compared with other building elements.
While all mudbrick structures were destroyed by the annual Nile floods and square blocks could be reused for other building projects near and far, nobody knew what to do with the statues. You don't build a solid wall by stacking statues on top of each other. So, the statues were left behind and not appreciated until modern archeaology started focusing on Tanis. Surplus statues of Tanis, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen