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Soft metropolis

Benghazi, Libya

Benghazi, Libya

Benghazi, Libya

Benghazi, Libya

Benghazi reigns usually as more attractive to its visitor than Tripoli. Some will find Tripoli a bit dull. There might not be much more happening in Benghazi, but there is activity to watch, or even join. Not night life! Afternoon life, and early evening life. For both sexes, all ages. Benghazi has more of the relaxed attitude Arab cities in other countries are known for. People hang around, look at one another, talk and enjoy life.
Benghazi is a big city, with nearly 1 million inhabitants. But it remains architecturally attractive, overlooking the sea and a marina, and many beaches make up the coastline. Most of Benghazi are modern buildings, but the old city is good, with covered alleyways. It's especially crowded on Fridays, when people fill the streets, shopping. This should be your leading star when staying in Benghazi, follow the crowd shopping.

Eat and Sleep
Benghazi has a fairly large number of hotels, but most are middle priced to expensive. The youth hostel is good and affordable, but often fills up early in the day. Other cheap options are best for those bringing with them a sleeping bag of some sort. The best of the relatively cheap hotels is Hotel Ifriqiya.
As for better hotels, there is a selection, with double rooms at prices from 30 LD to 100 LD. Our reserved recommendation here is the Hotel Uzu, expensive, yet not the most expensive.
Benghazi has a great collection of restaurants in all prices classes, and you can expect good value for money at all levels. Restaurant Arabi is generally considered to be the finest, but it is not as expensive as you would expect.

Benghazi, Libya

International air: Benghazi has flights to Zürich, Switzerland and Athens, European Union (Greece). Getting to the airport can be expesive, as there are no form of regular public transportation. Private taxi costs about 10 LD.
International buses:Benghazi is connected with Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt, as well as Amman, Jordan and Damascus, Syria.
Air: Domestic flights include Kufra, Sebha and Tripoli.
Buses: Benghazi is connected with Tripoli (12 hours), Sirte (5 hours).
Shared taxis: These cover more destinations than the buses, and there are reliable connections with both close destinations like Al-Bayda, Al Marj, Derna and Tobruk and more distant like Tripoli and Sebha.

Going Next
160 km south: Ajdabiyya
200 km east: Al-Bayda
500 km east: Tobruk
1,100 km south: Kufra oasis
1,000 km west: Tripoli
1,150 km southwest: Sebha

By Tore Kjeilen