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1. Former cathedral

2. Old city

3. Suuq Jreed

4. Great hotels

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Old city

Benghazi, Libya / Old city

Freedom Square, with the Atiq Mosque in the back. From this point, the Suuq Jreed stretches for a good kilometre.

Benghazi, Libya / Old city

The old Italian-built town hall, on the Freedom Square.

There is precious little of old Benghazi left, and you will have to search a bit to find what makes up the city's historical past.
The reason is largely fighting during World War 2, which destroyed much. The little there is, belongs much to the Italian colonial past.
Around the lighthouse, archaeologists are currently digging out the ancient past of Berenice. So far, two temples have been uncovered.

Benghazi, Libya / Old lighthouse

Old lighthouse.

Benghazi, Libya / Old university

Old university.

By Tore Kjeilen