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1. Gigantic Forum

2. Statues of Demeter, Kore and Nike

3. Temple of Apollo

4. Theatre

5. Temple of Zeus

6. Roman baths

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Temple of Zeus

Cyrene, Libya

Cyrene, Libya

High up from the rest of the town, lies the Temple of Zeus, dating back to the 5th century BCE, but restored by the Romans around year 0. It was destroyed during a Jewish rebellion in 115, and restored a second time in 120. In the great earthquake of 365, it was crushed not rebuilt before British and Italian archaeologists put it back together in modern times.
This temple is larger than the Parthenon in Athens, a reflection of the wealth and importance of Cyrene in the ancient Greek world. It is 70 by 32 metres, and surrounded by two rows of columns, 8 by 17 in both.
Note an impressive optical trick of the Greek architects / Columns lean inwards to ensure that they are visually straight to the viewer.

By Tore Kjeilen