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The beautiful little town

Derna, Libya

Derna, Libya

Derna, Libya

Derna, Libya

The small city of Derna has both the old quarters and the nearby attractions to make it a very popular destination. The old quarters has a covered suuq and a friendly, busy square in its middle, surrounded by small cafes.
Right where the city ends, stunning nature begins. The Wadi Derna, a dry river, has green vegetation and even production of bananas in between its small forests. Derna's beaches are among the finest in Libya, set in between cliffs. In the cliffs there are also many caves, once used by Christians running away from persecution. And something as rare in Libya as a waterfall, is just 8 km south of Derna.
Should you stay, the museum of Derna deserves your visit, with its interesting reconstructions of traditional homes and rooms.

Eat and Sleep
There are 4 hotels in town, but a few of them are poorly run. As for restaurants, there are a few good ones, and plenty of snack bars.

Good bus connections, but all buses pass through Derna, and they can be full. Taxis are often the better solution.

Going Next
30 km west: L'Atrun
40 km west: Ras al-Hillal
70 km northwest: Susa
75 km west: Cyrene
100 km west: Al-Bayda
250 km northwest: Tobruk
375 km east: Egypt (border)

By Tore Kjeilen