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1. Lookout with graves

2. Ramparts

3. The babs

4. El-Kamra tower

5. Palais de Raisouli

6. Grand mosque

7. City scenes

8. Wall paintings

9. Frying vegetables

10. Town church

11. The long beach

12. Southern cliffs


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Lookout with graves

Asilah, Morocco

The most photographed spot in Asilah is from the ramparts above Koubba of Sidi Mansour with its graveyard of holy Islamic warriors (those dying while waging jihad). Although "holy war" may have a certain quality of greatness, the truth is that jihad in those days was defending Muslim piracy against Christian ships (see Barbary pirates).
The site is closed for non-Muslims, as is common across Morocco. But every visually attractive part can easily be enjoyed by everyone.
The long rectangular tiled areas on the ground in the graveyard are the individual graves. A rather uncommon form of burials within Islam, usually a grave rises from above the ground.

Asilah, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen