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1. Franco monument

2. Eremitage of San Antonio

3. Foso de San Felipe

4. The Mediterranean Park

5. The Cathedral

6. Fortress of Monte Hacho

7. Castillo del Desnarigado

8. Duty free shopping

9. Border zone to Fnideq


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Franco monument

Ceuta, Spanish North Africa

July 17th 1936. Quite a long time ago- and during a time of a different political climate. It was when Franco set out to get control over Spain- he started in Spanish North Africa.
Beyond the moment when Franco lauched his attack on Europe- Ceuta has had precious little historical incidents. Which might be an explanation to the slightly schizofrenic attitude to the monument that still rests here- nobody has tried to demolish it, yet it has not been attented to. And it is highlighted on the tourist map that is handed out to you from the tourist office in downtown Ceuta.
Nowadays, garbage is spread all over, and very slowly the stones are falling off. The only serious attention to the monument comes from young people with sprayers, telling the world short-lived truths about the love of Tino and Sandra. And others. Do they ever return to spray over those statements when love falls apart?

By Tore Kjeilen