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1. Franco monument

2. Eremitage of San Antonio

3. Foso de San Felipe

4. The Mediterranean Park

5. The Cathedral

6. Fortress of Monte Hacho

7. Castillo del Desnarigado

8. Duty free shopping

9. Border zone to Fnideq


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Eremitage of San Antonio

Ceuta, Spanish Morocco

It was rebuilt in 1960 and that is as much as the guide books can tell you about its history- except that it was a convent and that it never housed the real saint of Antonio. The style chosen here is different enough from main Spanish religious architecture to have inspired the establishment of a Mexican restaurant right across the road.
The place is nice. You find great views from here towards Europe, and the strange mountain of Gibraltar is here seen from an angle different from what most photos show, looking like it is falling over into the Mediterranean side of the sea. Even more visible does the Spanish mainland to the west of Gibraltar become.
The view over Ceuta town is a good illustration to why there is a large fortress right south of the Eremitage. Not very far down the road you will find building set up only for the views of Ceuta- in two stories- looking quite a bit like a minimalistic Shinto temple. Probably a romantic place for the young of Ceuta- riding up here on their compulsory motor bikes during refreshing summer evenings.

Ceuta from Monte Hacho

Great views of Ceuta from the eremitage.

By Tore Kjeilen