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1. Franco monument

2. Eremitage of San Antonio

3. Foso de San Felipe

4. The Mediterranean Park

5. The Cathedral

6. Fortress of Monte Hacho

7. Castillo del Desnarigado

8. Duty free shopping

9. Border zone to Fnideq


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Ceuta hotels

Pension Charito (t. 956 513982) Excellent value for money
Pension La Bohemia (t. 956 510615) Good value for money
Pension Real (t. 956 511449) Good value for money

Africa (t. 956 509470) Poor value for money
Central (t. 956 516716) Good value for money
Plaza Ruiz (t. 956 516733) Good value for money
Residencia Skol (t. 956 504718) Good value for money

Ulises Swimming pool (t. 956 514546) Good value for money
Melia Confort Swimming pool (t. 956 511200) Good value for money
Tryp (t. 956 511200) Good value for money

Parador Swimming pool (t. 956 514940) Good value for money

Hotels and Restaurants
Ceuta has a fairly balanced level of hotel rooms, compared to the demand. Calling ahead for a room is a good virtue in most of Spain during summer time- Ceuta is no exception here. Considering how much wealthier Ceuta apperars than Morocco, hotels here are surprisingly affordable. Ceuta's phone system is part of the Spanish system. Calling internationally, dial (international code) + 34 + phone number indicated.
Eating out is not expensive- and if you come from Morocco it is a mild introduction to European price level. Offerings are quite good, and there are a good offering of international restaurants. You won't be the first tourist appreciating the novelty of eating Chinese while you're in Spanish in Africa.

From Europe, your choice is limited to one of the ferries running after schedules (this also applies to the "fast ferry"). If you come from Morocco, your choice is simple: Crossing the border can only be done by foot or in your own vehicle.

By Tore Kjeilen