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Dades Valley

Dades Valley

1. Further up the red valley

2. Between the soft mountains

3. Colourful details

4. At Youl

5. At Oudinar

6. Into 4x4 country


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Into 4x4 country

Dades Valley, Morocco

With barren grey brown mountains and lush and fertile valleys, the continuation beyond Aït Oudinar is dramatic enough. The rough and winding roads will add much exitement to the total experience. At several points, you will be allowed a spectacular view over the valleys.
The main destination of this part of the trek is Msemrir, a rather non-descript place, but beyond this the road deteriorates and is not recommended for travelling without local guides.
It is possible to continue to great destinations like Imilchil and the Todra Gorge.

Dades Valley, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen