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Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

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2. Water is gold

3. Olives and oil

4. Big view

5. Suuq Afla

6. Jewish heritage

7. Sunset


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Jewish heritage

Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas, Morocco

This is inside the old synagogue, the most complete of the old houses that once made up the Jewish quarters of Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas.

Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Right next to the old Jewish quarters, some of the most impregnable houses in Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas stand. The people who live in the new mellah (name for the Jewish quarter) are local Berbers.

Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas had, until the era of modern Israel, a vital Jewish community. Anti-Jewish sentiments forced them into isolated quarters, called mellahs, and there were strict regulations on what they could dress, where they could travel and which animals they were permitted to use.
Their houses were still of fine quality, and many are in full use by others today. The Jewish cemetary isn't really all that impressive so many years after it was in regular use. Even with Jews coming out here from time to time, nature has since long taken over. The tombstones are returning to nature and from many angles you see nothing that distinguishes the function of the place.
With the help of two locals, I managed to locate 5- 6 stones all lying flat on the ground. The inscriptions have survived well enough to be readable.

By Tore Kjeilen