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Imouzzer Kandar

Imouzzer Kandar

2. Springs and pools

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Little Ifrane

Imouzzer du Kandar, Morocco

Imouzzer du Kandar, Morocco

Imouzzer du Kandar, Morocco

Imouzzer du Kandar, Morocco

Imouzzer du Kandar was built by the French authorities in the early 20th century, and it was arranged as a smaller version of Ifrane. The town lies 1350 metres above sea level, and offer heatstruck Fezzians cool air and the chance of swimming in the handful of pools in the region.
Some of the houses around Imouzzer du Kandar remain from the French, built with nature stones and with slanting roofs, quite different from typical Moroccan style.
The best time to visit is in August during the Apple Festival.
The suuq of Imouzzer du Kandar is clearly of the modest type, reflecting the size of the town. But it does absolutely carry a lot of charm with its simple stalls and a rural colour scala.
The best day to visit is Monday, when farmers, craftsmen and vendors come to town. On other days, only basic needs are provided for.


Imouzzer du Kandar hotels

Bellevue (t. 060 705894) Poor value for money
du Rif (t. 055 663392) Good value for money
Smara (t. 055 663464) OK value for money

la Chambotte (t. 055 663374) Good value for money
des Truites (t. 055 663002) Good value for money

Chaharazad (t. 055 663012) Good value for money
Royal (t. 055 663080) Good value for money

There is a fine little selection of hotels, ranging from cheap to middle range. For those on the tighest of budgets, the bad news is that the nearby camping has closed down.
There are many nice restaurants around town, most offer good value for money.
There are options in terms of nightlife, with two bars in Chahrazad and a nightclub in the Royal.
There are reportedly no banks in the village, Fez is the best place for this.
There are fair connections with bus and taxis from Fez. Going further south through Ifrane and Azrou is best done with bus or your own transportation.
It is important to note that Imouzzer du Kandar can get very cold in winter, so bring warm clothes.

By Tore Kjeilen