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1. Jemaa al-Fna

2. Artists

3. Juice and barbecue

4. The great suuqs

5. Crafts

6. Shopping

7. Mosque of Koutoubia

8. Ben Youssef

9. El-Bahia palace

10. Almoravid koubba

11. Saadian Tombs

12. El-Badi Palace

13. Dar Si Said

14. Menara gardens

15. Majorelle gardens

16. Agdal garden

17. Mellah and Mi‚ara

18. City ramparts

19. Palm gardens

20. Modern streets


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The great suuqs

Marrakech, Morocco

It may not offer many new things compared with most other large suuqs in Morocco, but it is so much larger. And with almost all buildings in Saharan pink, it gets to be quite something different. What a place this is! Moroccans love it, and foreigners too, so there is more goods to choose from than in any other suuq of Morocco.
The suuqs of Marrakech are like a labyrinth where you soon lose directions. Maps in guide books turn out to be of help only when you stick to one of the few wide alley ways. Yet, should you get lost, noone will take advantage of you if you seem stranded.
Some might find that it is quite too much, that colours and shapes get exaggerated. But there is a self confident elegance to the strong colours and wild shapes of everything from carpets to water mugs.
Roofs are essential: during the summer season temperatures pass 40°C for months. Among the most common materials are found palm fronds. The roofs and the coolness of the stone houses make the suuqs a place to hide from the sun.

By Tore Kjeilen