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1. Jemaa al-Fna

2. Artists

3. Juice and barbecue

4. The great suuqs

5. Crafts

6. Shopping

7. Mosque of Koutoubia

8. Ben Youssef

9. El-Bahia palace

10. Almoravid koubba

11. Saadian Tombs

12. El-Badi Palace

13. Dar Si Said

14. Menara gardens

15. Majorelle gardens

16. Agdal garden

17. Mellah and Mi‚ara

18. City ramparts

19. Palm gardens

20. Modern streets


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Menara gardens

Menara gardens, Marrakech, Morocco

Menara gardens, Marrakech, Morocco

Set slightly out of town, the Menara gardens offers not only a pleasant escape from roaming Marrakech, it also has one of the most photographed settings of Morocco, one which is most enjoyed just the last hour before the gates close. At this time of the day, the place is also cleared of the package tourists, running around with cameras and open remarks on everything they see.
That this is a romantic place, takes no time to discover. The pool with the main building, the menza, is the perfect spot for blushing couples to do the walk. In recent years more and more dared holding hands, some stole a kiss. But with the Islamist plague hitting Morocco in the last few years, this may be gone now...
So what is this place actually? It is designed as a summer escape from the incredible summer heat of Marrakech. It is adorned with both orchards and olive groves. The pavilion and the basin existed from earlier times, but the present structure was built in the middle of the 19th century by the command of Sultan Abu ar-Rahman.
Entrance is free, open every day 8.00-18.00.

By Tore Kjeilen