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Skiing down the crater

Mischliffen, Morocco

Mischliffen, Morocco

Confusion for the plants: Is this spring or winter?

This is the centre of skiing in Mischliffen — or Ifrane if you like — in the end of January. At this time, usually the beginning of the season (which lasts until March), there were no skiers, and little snow. Conditions are unreliable in ski resorts in Africa.
Mischliffen is also a popular destination in summer, when heat chokes most Moroccan towns and cities, Mischliffen remains cool and pleasant.

One hotel, the 4/6 priced Aghlias, with good value for money. Otherwise, the other nearest hotels are in Ifrane, about 10 km away. Hotel Aghlias is also the place to eat at Mischliffen, while on active days there will be food vendors on the top of the slopes.
In season, people go back and forth by shared taxis, a seat costs about 30dh.
Skis are easily available for rental, and cheapest for guests at Aghlias at 50dh/day. Hotel Chamonix in Ifrane also rents out ski, reportedly at as much as 150dh.
The runs are short, there are a few ski lifts operating, price per ride is 3dh.

Mischliffen, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen