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1. The medina

2. Dancing in trance

3. Food sellers

4. Bab el-Wahab

5. Ramadan cookies

6. Countryside


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The bustling West

Oujda, Morocco

Oujda is the capital of eastern Morocco, and it deserves to be visited f rom reasons different than other Moroccan cities of about the same size: there are few typical monuments here, but the the activity level, the friendliness, and night life give it a distinct different feel. And not to forget that it also is free from hustlers of any type.
Most of Oujda is new, and owes both its existence and form to the arrival of the French early in the 20th century. At first it was built as a military camp that was involved in controlling the eastern part of Morocco. The city grew up along the roads staked out by the French, and it now houses near half a million inhabitants.

By Tore Kjeilen