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1. Royal palace and mosque

2. Hassan tower

3. Kings' mausoleum

4. Chellah

5. The garden

6. The sanctuary

7. Oudaïa gate

8. Kasbah de Oudaïas

9. The medina

10. Platform view

11. Andalucian Gardens

12. Modern town


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Capital in blue and white

Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco

Rabat opens up only slowly to you. At the first day of your first arrival you will discover that there is another atmosphere here, and compared to other Moroccan cities people are a bit shy and don't start talking to you easily. Somehow, they don't care about you.
Walking your lonely walks around town, the many gems of a capital of a magic country reveals themselves to you. And it isn't always the things that are first seen that will keep your eyes entertained.
Modern Rabat is clean and open, perhaps a bit too open during the summer heat. But around it, there are both old Muslim quarters as well as beautiful remains from all periods of Moroccan history.
Being the capital, it has the actual royal palace and the Kings' mausoleum. Its main attraction, however, is the weird Hassan tower, while Kasbah de Oudaïas is on the shortlist of having Morocco's most picturesque streets. Almost mystical and very beautiful is the Chellah.

By Tore Kjeilen