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1. Royal palace and mosque

2. Hassan tower

3. Kings' mausoleum

4. Chellah

5. The garden

6. The sanctuary

7. Oudaïa gate

8. Kasbah de Oudaïas

9. The medina

10. Platform view

11. Andalucian Gardens

12. Modern town


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Chellah: The sanctuary

Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco
The sanctuary is originally two buildings named after Merenid sultans: the 13th century Mosque of Abu Youssef and the 14th century Zawiyya of Abu al-Hassan.
Much of the original structure now lies in ruins, especially the mosque has fared poorly. Of the two minarets originally flying above the sanctuary, only the one of the zawiyya remains. Thankfully, it is in very nice condition, with much of the original zellij mosaics intact. Its top has since long been taken over by storks, building their huge nests. Storks are in Moroccan culture considered a sign of good fortune. Something that may be called a miniature minaret tops the real minaret; it seems almost to have been added for the storks.
The mosque has a few graves lain out on the ground (see lower left photo), but the tomb of Abu Youssef has not been identified.

By Tore Kjeilen