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1. Royal palace and mosque

2. Hassan tower

3. Kings' mausoleum

4. Chellah

5. The garden

6. The sanctuary

7. Oudaïa gate

8. Kasbah de Oudaïas

9. The medina

10. Platform view

11. Andalucian Gardens

12. Modern town


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Rabat hotels

Berlin (t. 037 723435) OK value for money
Central (t. 037 707356) Good value for money
Darna (t. 037 736787) Good value for money
Dorhmi (t. 037 723898) Excellent value for money
Gaulois (t. 037 723022) Good value for money
al-Maghrib al-Jadid (t. 037 732207) OK value for money
Marrakech (t. 037 727703) Good value for money
des Voyageurs (t. 037 723720) Good value for money
Youth Hostel (t. 037 725769) Good value for money

Majestic (t. 037 722997) Good value for money
la Paix (t. 037 732031) OK value for money
Splendid (t. 037 723283) Good value for money

d'Orsay (t. 037 202777) Good value for money
Royal (t. 037 721171) Excellent value for money
Terminus (t. 037 700616) OK value for money

Balima (t. 037 707755) Good value for money
Bouregreg (t. 037 720445) Excellent value for money
Ibis Moussafir (t. 037 774903) Good value for money
Majliss Swimming pool (t. 037 733726) Good value for money
Yasmine (t. 037 722018) Good value for money

Belere Swimming pool (t. 037 709689) Good value for money
Dawliz In Sale. (t. 037883277) Good value for money
Riad Kasbah (t. 037 705247) Excellent value for money

Hilton Swimming pool Stops being a Hilton hotel as of 2009. (t. 037 675656) Good value for money
Riad Oudaya (t. 037 702392) Good value for money
Sofitel Diwan (t. 037 262727) Good value for money
La Tour Hassan Meridien Swimming pool (t. 037 239000) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Being the capital, Rabat is well-equipped with hotels of most standards. However, if you come here in conjunction with one of the religious festivals, or even worse, during the summer holidays, note that hotel rooms can fill up quickly. Call ahead in advance.
Rabat has a moderate price level for most hotels, except in the old city which has hiked up prices for the often miserable quality. With just a few exceptions, the best budget hotel rooms of Rabat are found in modern, downtown Rabat.
The camping ground, just across the river, is of good quality, and offer a good alternative to most of the cheap hotels in town.

Restaurants and alternatives
Rabat has one of the more international cuisines of Morocco, and Chinese or European food is far from uncommon. Prices are OK most over town, even if the same food should be had for less in most of Morocco.
Note that Rabat still closes a bit earlier at night than Casablanca.

Rabat has a couple of places where both Moroccans and foreigners come. These places come both in the shape of bars as well as discos. While there are plenty of the typical nightclub/bar/brothel places in Rabat, a handful of places are visited by young Moroccans of both sexes, and on equal terms.
Prices are more European than most other things you get across in Rabat.

Change Money
Rabat has numerous banks and change bureaus, giving you every kind of possible service with changing money. A good handful of ATMs are found around town, too.

The railways are found in town centre and there are connections on two directions: Casablanca in the southwest, and Meknes in the northeast. If you have the chance, you should well consider using the train — with its location, it is the most convenient way of arriving in Rabat.
Both bus and taxis have their stations a bit out of town, and getting a taxi to connect to the town centre will be vital. Despite its unfortunate location, buses and taxis prove their value by serving every possible destination.
The airport of Rabat is really the airport of Casablanca. The ride takes a good 1,5 hours, and is a bit expensive if you do it by taxi. Once again, the moment you're there, you can choose from the best air connections in the country. This airport has a good number of international destinations, and serve internal desitnations, especially Agadir, Marrakech and Oujda.

By Tore Kjeilen