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1. Town centre

2. An oasis dwelling

3. The forgotten palmerie

4. The blue colonnade

5. The women

6. The green park


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Tata hotels

Essalam (t. 048 802124) Poor value for money
Marche Verte (No phone) Poor value for money
Sahara (t. 048 802161) OK value for money

Renaissance (t. 048 802225) OK value for money

Les Relais des Sables Swimming pool (unheated!) (t. 048 802301) Good value for money

Dar Infiane Swimming pool (t. 048 300658) Excellent value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Tata has a fair collection of hotels, where the best is 3 star with a swimming pool in the court yard. There are a couple of hotels in town centre which have bad reputation in respect of hygiene. There is a camping ground, which is close to the municipal swimming pool.

Restaurants and alternatives
Tata's restaurants are divided into hotel restaurants which run empty through most of the winter season, and the simple, public ones, which always have enough clientele. Note that you should be critical to the prices given in public restaurants, as there seem to be system of "tourist prices" in Tata.

Nothing special.

There is a bar in the Les Relais des Sables (the best hotel in town).

Change Money
Tata has normal banks, but no ATMs.

Very good connections to Foum Zguid (direction of Zagora), Taroudannt, Agadir, and Akka with bus. Tata's system of taxis is not as smooth as elsewhere in the country. Taxis of Tata are often a bit run down, and there are often long waiting periods before they fill up.

Tata can be extremely hot in summer, and very cold during winter nights.

By Tore Kjeilen