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The Koran

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Islam / The Koran /
Sura 91: The Sun
Of Mecca

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

1 By the sun and its noonday brightness!

2 And the moon when it follows him!

3 And the day when it displays him!

4 And the night when it covers him!

5 And the heaven and what built it!

6 And the earth and what spread it!

7 And the soul and what fashioned it, 8 and taught it its sin and its piety!

9 Prosperous is he who purifies it!

10 And disappointed is he who corrupts it!

11 Thamud called the apostle a liar in their outrage, 12 when their wretch rose up 13 and the apostle of God said to them, ‘God’s she-camel! so give her to drink.’

14 But they called him a liar, and they ham-strung her; but their Lord destroyed them in their sins, and served them all alike; 15 and He fears not the result thereof!

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