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Chott el-Jerid

Chott el-Jerid

1. Empty lake


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Hotels and alternatives
There are plenty of hotels around the Chott el Jerid. These are the main hubs for travellers:
Nefta (north): All classes, quite good value for money.
Tozeur (north): As Nefta, but with slightly less value for money.
Kebili (southeast): Most mid-range hotels.
Douz (south): All classes, good value for money.

Restaurants and alternatives
All the places mentioned above, have a fair selection of restaurants, either as part of hotels or independent restaurants.

Not much anywhere around the chott. Should you really want to dance in the desert, Tozeur is your best chance.

Change Money
All the places mentioned above have banks with the usual services. The better hotels will also change foreign currencies.

Relying on public transportation around the chott is not the best idea, as it will involve some waiting, and you will be forced to pass many interesting places.
The best is to rent a taxi for the day in Kebili or Tozeur. Both of these places have car rentals with about the same prices as anywhere else in Tunisia.

It can get extremely hot out here, so take all necessary precautions.

By Tore Kjeilen