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1. Roman swimming pool and the oasis

2. Old town


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Ancient slave town
Kebili, Tunisia

Kebili, Tunisia

For almost all travellers Kebili (a more correct transcription would be 'Gibbili') is just a part of the trip, before crossing the Chott el Jerid, with the tourist resort Tozeur as the destination. And there are few reasons to change the script,- Kebili is not one of the most picturesque settlements in this part of Tunisia. The houses here are white, but the oasis is starting just at the place where the houses and the streets end, and is well-kept and lusciuos.
If you decide to stay, the hot pools of Kebili are nice. The one for men is open, situated next to the road, and with some cafés around it. The one for women is protected from curious spectators with palm fronds.

By Tore Kjeilen