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Le Kef

Le Kef

1. Sidi Bou Makhlouf

2. The Kasbah

3. Mysterious basilica

4. Mint minaret

5. Roman remains

6. Around town

7. Museum of Art and Popular Traditions


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The Kasbah
Le Kef, Tunisia

Le Kef, Tunisia

Despite being the most dramatic and visible sight of Le Kef, the military fortress known as the Kasbah, is still the youngest. The main parts dates no longer back than 1601, and a larger fort was added in 1813. Its purpose is quite simple to grasp: with the isolation of Le Kef, the defence of the town meant the defence of a large part of inner Tunisia.
These days, the Kasbah serves no longer any military purposes. It is being more and more transformed into the cultural centre in town, lying ideally next to the famous Moasque of Sidi Bou Makhlouf and the myserious basilica. The main courtyard no longer sees military exercises, only theatre and musical perfomances during the yearly Festival de Sidi Bou Makhlouf (mid-July).
Le Kef, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen