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Le Kef

Le Kef

1. Sidi Bou Makhlouf

2. The Kasbah

3. Mysterious basilica

4. Mint minaret

5. Roman remains

6. Around town

7. Museum of Art and Popular Traditions


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Museum of Art and Popular Traditions

Le Kef, Tunisia

Le Kef, Tunisia

Le Kef, Tunisia

Partly because of its setting above town, and the simple beauty of the building, the Museum of Art and Popular Traditions is a rewarding place to visit. The house is a 17th century zawiyya, but could easily have been a local lord's palace.
The house, let's focus on that first, has two domes and two courtyards, plus a number of smaller rooms. The first dome is beautifully decorated, while the second has absolutely no decoration whatsoever. One of the staff told me that this was a question of acoustics, and yes, raise your voice and test it out. The sound goes loud, yet still clear.
The exhibit is more a question of likings, as it deals with jewellery and handicrafts. Interesting enough, it still takes a bit of interest in the popular part of Tunisian history. Nevertheless, the whole thing is presented with style and pride, and a short stroll through the exhibit will not bore anyone.
Entrance is 1.1TD plus 1TD for photo (2005). The staff will be more than happy to answer questions.
Le Kef, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen