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1. City walls

2. Dar Jellouli

3. The kasbah

4. The medina

5. Invisible great mosque

6. Colonial town


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Mercantile centre of Tunisia

Sfax, Tunisia

Sfax, Tunisia

The harbour of Sfax is almost never far away.

Sfax, Tunisia

From the kasbah, the fortress protecting the medina of Sfax.

Sfax is the second largest city of Tunisia, housing around 400,000. Tunisians in general consider people from Sfax as excellent merchants and as more hardworking than Tunisians in general. And the University of Sfax is better than the two of Tunis. True or not, I don't know.
Sfax is not a touristic place. There are many hotels here, and good restaurants, too. But these are aiming at merchants and business men. The result is actually that Sfax is cheaper than other Tunisian places, and is a good place to buy souvenirs. The quality is slightly higher, and the goods are genuine, because they are aiming at the Tunisian audience. This means that the mountains of small, furry camel dolls are replaced by things that make sense.
Trying to see the place, the harbour and the medina are the places you should head for. The old city is vital, people are living here, and the streets are filled with shops, without all the ordinary tourist crowds. The harbour is a short visit only, but an excellent chance to see the commercial Tunisia in action.
Sfax, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen