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1. In the suuq

2. Zitouna - the Great mosque

3. Café M'Rabet

4. Bab el Bahr

5. Government quarters

6. Halfaouine

7. Bab Souika

8. Place Halfaouine

9. Bab el Khadra

10. Doors

11. Colonial houses

12. Cathedral

13. Modern town

14. At night

15. Bardo museum


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Bab el Bahr
Tunis, Tunisia

Bab el Bahr means "Gate to the Sea". Before the French came in the 19th century, that was exactly what it was too. Then there was just open grounds here, leading down to the lake of Tunis.
For the French the Bab el Bahr became a symbol, as the gate between the Oriental part and the European part of Tunis. Hence its other name came to be "Porte de France".

By Tore Kjeilen