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1. In the suuq

2. Zitouna - the Great mosque

3. Café M'Rabet

4. Bab el Bahr

5. Government quarters

6. Halfaouine

7. Bab Souika

8. Place Halfaouine

9. Bab el Khadra

10. Doors

11. Colonial houses

12. Cathedral

13. Modern town

14. At night

15. Bardo museum


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Government quarters
Tunis, Tunisia

This is one of my favourite areas of Tunis. The modern government quarters are easy to find: you just pass the Zitouna mosque, and walk up the streets for about 100 metres, and turn right.
This is the place where the prime minister has his office, and the location is not random. His office is in the Dar al Bay, House of the Bey, which was used as a royal guest house. The surrounding area is always clean from the smallest piece of paper. At certain times of the day, the nearby streets are full of government officials in traditional Tunisian costumes.

Tunis, Tunisia

At the right, you see the Dar al Bey, and right up front there are 2 minarets. The first belongs to the Youssef Dey Mosque built in 1616, while the one further away belongs to the Kasbah mosque, built in 1235. This is of quite some importance: it is the model for the minaret of the Zitouna mosque.

By Tore Kjeilen