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1. In the suuq

2. Zitouna - the Great mosque

3. Café M'Rabet

4. Bab el Bahr

5. Government quarters

6. Halfaouine

7. Bab Souika

8. Place Halfaouine

9. Bab el Khadra

10. Doors

11. Colonial houses

12. Cathedral

13. Modern town

14. At night

15. Bardo museum


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Tunis, Tunisia

Halfaouine is one of two important food markets of Tunis, as well as a part of town with a distinct identity of its own. It was at first placed outside the city walls, outside both Bab Souika and Bab el Khadra.
In the Tunisian film Halfaouine (1990) life in Tunisia in the 1960's has been depicted with a nerve seldom before seen in North African movies.

Showing the diversity of the market of Halfaouine: Cactus fruits, rougets, eels, and sheep legs.

By Tore Kjeilen