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1. In the suuq

2. Zitouna - the Great mosque

3. Café M'Rabet

4. Bab el Bahr

5. Government quarters

6. Halfaouine

7. Bab Souika

8. Place Halfaouine

9. Bab el Khadra

10. Doors

11. Colonial houses

12. Cathedral

13. Modern town

14. At night

15. Bardo museum


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Bab el Khadra

Tunis, Tunisia

You won't find too many similar gates anywhere else in Northern Africa. The Bab el Khadra looks like the entrance to a seaside fairy-tale castle somewhere in Europe.
What you see here now is not the original from the 14th century, but a rebuilt version from 1881.
Tunis, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen